November 15, 2013

PBX Solutions

Professional Phone Systems that won’t break the bank.

Let’s face it: no matter how advanced technology gets, the telephone remains a staple of office communication. But if you’re not taking advantage of modern enhancements, you’re missing out on vital communications with your clients. Consider the following:

  • Can you make calls on your mobile phone, and have your call show up like it’s from the office?
  • Can you send and receive calls from your computer or tablet no matter where you are?
  • Can you see, at a glance, everyone who is on the phone?
  • Can you do free video based web conferencing?
  • Can you do free conference calls, without using an outside service?
  • Can you listen to your voicemail from anywhere?
  • Are all of your branch offices tied together into a single system?

If your phone system can’t do all this, it might be time to consider Dynamic Networks phone solutions. We can provide all of the above, along with all of the standard phone system features at an affordable price that may surprise you.

Dynamic Networks phone systems support SIP Trunking, too, allowing you to save a bundle on your phone service: the phone system pays for itself! We can even help you find the right SIP Trunking partner, and perform the number porting process as part of your installation. It’s easy!

Contact Dynamic Networks today and see how you can upgrade your telecommunications to the 21st century.