Does your provider have your back?
Go to Got Backups?

Got Backups?

Statistics don’t lie: your business will experience a server failure, power outage, or natural disaster that takes your systems offline. Dynamic Networks Disaster Recovery solutions transforms downtime from catastrophe to minor inconvenience.

Go to Got Protection?

Got Protection?

You want to keep your IT – and your staff – fully productive. You’ll be surprised how much time is lost to dealing with spam, viruses and worker lapse. Don’t deal with it after-the-fact. Dynamic Networks prevents it from happening in the first place!

Go to Got Uptime?

Got Uptime?

Each unmanaged device’s Total Cost of Ownership is typically 42% higher than for managed ones. Dynamic Networks manages your IT – remotely and proactively – so you don’t have to.

Go to Got Connections?

Got Connections?

How well does your phone system work? Can you make calls on your mobile as if it was your office extension? Voicemail to Email? Branch offices on the same system? Dynamic Networks has you connected.

You Can Trust Us

Do you trust your technology provider to do all this? ECR does it, every day.
Reduce Downtime. Reduce Cost. Increase Profit.

  • One service provider
    We manage your technology so you don’t have to.

  • One fixed fee
    Equals efficient technology management.

  • One simple goal
    Make it work the first time, every time.

  • One rule
    Without integrity, everything else is meaningless.

  • Cut downtime in half.

  • Some clients cut their IT spend in half.

  • Less spend equals more money in your pocket.

  • Keep it running: that's the focus.

I can’t say how many times Dynamic Networks has bailed us out of IT situations. Joe and his team have always made us feel like we were their top priority. I have recommended Dynamic Networks many times and they always take care of our clients. Dynamic Networks is a breath of fresh air in the IT world.
Aaron Oakley
Owner – Custom Wired
One of the best internal decisions Velvet Ice Cream has made was to use Dynamic Networks.
Dave Elwell
CFO – Velvet Ice Cream

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