March 24, 2020

Message from Joe Strosnider, Director of Client Solutions regarding COVID-19

Hi, Joe Strosnider with Dynamic Networks, here in my home computer lab. I hope you’re all staying safe with the current pandemic. I’m sending this message to let you know where we are and what we’re doing for your business.

We’re still here for you. Our office is closed to the public, but our staff are all working safely from home, and we have full remote capabilities. We aren’t letting this virus stop us, and we hope that neither are you.

Here are some extra steps we’re taking to help you succeed:

First, we are providing a free resource kit, with ways to stay productive during this crisis. Please share it with your business partners and industry peers – we want everyone, not just our clients, to stay open and successful. Just go to to get a copy of the kit.

For all clients using a home computer to access work resources, we are offering free remote installation of our centralized antivirus solution – all you pay is the monthly seat fee. Just call or email, and we’ll get it installed.

We are also offering free setup of our cloud backup solution during the crisis – all you pay is the licensing and storage fee.

If your office does not have VPN capability, we will help you set up Google Remote Desktop, completely free of charge.

If you have our 3CX phone system at the standard license level or higher, we will give you free training on how to use the free web conference solution built into it.

If you don’t have our phone system, we will give you tips and pointers on how to set up alternative web conferencing.

Remember, we are here to provide the tools to help you succeed during these uncertain times. If you need us, just reach out. And stay safe out there!

Request a Free Copy of our COVID-19 Resource Kit